To all  my fellow Montanans, my supporters, and anxiety ridden MEA representatives, I am suspending my campaign for US Congress.

I will always be grateful to all of you that I met on the campaign trail over the past 6 months.  The kind words of support literally kept me going to the next dinner, meeting, and interview.  Each week from mid-July through January, I was encouraged through the hundreds of discussions I had with Montanans on a side variety of topics.  What I’ve learned, on the campaign are highlighted by these ten lessons with the tenth lesson being the most important: 

Lesson one: as much as I can try, where my mother gave birth to me entitles me to no unique state of understanding.  The capacity to learn, not the birth certificate is what makes for great candidates, employees, and so on.

Lesson two: recycled candidates result in recycled results, enough said.

Lesson three: if you want to experience something different, you have to do something different.

Lesson four: money is still the political metric by which ‘viable’ candidates are measured and that being the case in ALL parties.  Let me wipe that idea of the bottom of my shoe.

Lesson five: until the ‘why' is adequately explained, the what or how is irrelevant.  This especially applies to all entitlement programs. (Sustainability is a close second)

Lesson six: civility matters because it is founded within our view of what it means to be human…which is generated by our view of the value of life.

Lesson seven:  as much as liberals are saying they aren’t interested in ‘infringing’ on the Second Amendment, they are and are actively doing so (FYI: I will not comply)…frankly this also applies to the entire Bill of Rights…they are degrading individual responsibility and limited government. See me for that debate.

Lesson eight: veterans are the ONLY citizens who should have access to fully paid health care benefits (citation is the US Constitution).  We can’t afford the other option, see lesson five and Bernie Sanders for evidence.

Lesson nine: safetiesm, the idea the we can legislate away risk or danger is not only financially impossible, counter to quality research, it ignores the last lesson about purpose in life…

Lesson ten: throughout time human derived governments have approached solutions from a vain, single prong, legislation  or rules.  The idea is that rules or laws make flawed people better. Laws simply allow us to prosecute, that’s it.  The reality is this, the handcuffs fit everyone.  No one escapes justice and frankly no one  truly wants ‘full justice’ especially when they are the ones on trial.   As a superintendent I have witnessed effect of laws and rules on thousands of students of all ages.  Laws and rules are patches for a larger spiritual issue.   Lesson ten is the most important lesson, go to church, read the most historically accurate document of antiquity…the Bible.  The cure for the soul will never be touched by laws on paper.

I am thankful for your time, conversations, and allowing me a chance.  To those who wonder about my political future, I’ll steal a line from one of my favorite movies Tombstone, “I’m your Huckleberry.”

Tim Johnson


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